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Why Wear A Thong?
by: Wendy Yeager
Thongs are the latest new design for women’s panties. Thongs are panties designed to offer a totally smooth fit with no detectable panty lines. The no-show thong has become popular with women of all ages.

Basically, the thong is a panty with full frontal coverage with a narrow piece of material for back coverage. The average thong ranges from an extremely low rise at 3-1/2” (great for hip hugging fashions) to the high waist thong at a 6” rise. Most range from the sizes of extra small to extra large. Some thongs have nothing more than a g-string for no back coverage. The g-string sometimes consists of lace, pearls, or sequins.

Thongs can be found in many different styles, including: extremely low rise, low rise, bikini, hi cut, and waist high. The thong’s waistband can be either a string or a wide side panel. Some thongs have flower or butterfly appliques at the back waistband. Other thongs even have cute or sexy words embroidered on the front.

Thongs come in different fabrics, including: 100% cotton, cotton and spandex blends, cotton and lycra blends, nylon and spandex microfiber, silk knits, mesh and lace.

So, why choose to wear a thong? Many women love the comfortable fit of a thong and the smooth no show look it provides.

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